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The Prince And The Seven Moons, 1966 (Vorstudie)
The Prince And The Seven Moons, 1966 (Vorstudie)

Konvolut von ca. 500 Illustrationen, Zeichnungen, Skizzen, Folien und Grafiken zu folgenden Büchern:

  • The Prince and the seven Moons, Text: Mike Thaler, 1966
  • Lilies, Rabbits and Painted Eggs, Text: Edna Barth, 1970
  • Holly, Reindeer and Colored Lights, Text: Edna Barth 1971 
  • Turkeys, Pilgrims and Indian Corn, Text: Edna Barth, 1975
  • Shamrocks, Harps and Shillelaghs, Text: Edna Barth, 1977
  • Witches, Pumpkins and Grinning Ghosts, Text: Edna Barth, 1981
  • Fireworks, Picnics and Flags, Text: James Cross Giblin, 1983
  • A Centalog of the Christmas Word, Text: Gerald Arndt, 1995
  • Hearts, Cupids and Red Roses, Text: Edna Barth, 1998
  • 20 Originalillustrationen zu „A Christmas Feast“, Text: Edna Barth, 1979 



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